Powerful ERP
made simple

Meet Fortee: the affordable cloud-ERP solution built for small manufacturers and industrial start-ups.

The power of Fortee 

Extensive features, powerful results

Discover the solution built to simplify your production, procurement, supply chain and quality management processes.

fortee dynamic interface

Simple experience

Intuitive user interface that's simple, productive, and easy to learn.

fortee easy navigation

Dynamic navigation

Flexible search throughout for efficient user navigation.

fortee ERP dashboard

Personalised features

Get straight to work with customised dashboards and automated to-do lists.

"Fortee allows us to manage orders, purchases, and monitor production. Its interface with our CAD tool helps us avoid duplicate data entry and the risk of error. We now have more precise knowledge of our production costs."

Wittmann Battenfeld
fortee erp

"Fortee is an open, customisable tool that fits perfectly with our organisation. Its use at Sermatec is not fixed; we discover new functionalities and possibilities…every day!"


"The real revolution for us was the implementation of dashboards. They are a real basis for control. Each manager has a 'to do list' on a personalised homepage, with a button that [validates the] completion of a step in a simple way."


"Two people were working full-time to enter information, now these two people are now in production scheduling. [Another] benefit is improved traceability. Manuplast is subject to compliance with multiple quality standards. It's now possible to trace the entire history of the finished product, which is an enormous gain in quality."


Your first ERP - live in 40 days

Introducing Fortee ERP by Forterro - a fully-featured, cloud-based ERP solution for industrial start-ups and small manufacturing companies. Fortee’s 40-day, learn-as-you-go implementation process is designed to keep both cost and risk low. So you can focus on learning the system and deciding whether or not the time is right for your first ERP.

Fortee in 40 days
Saas ERP

SaaS ERP = smart industry

Fortee has been designed from the beginning to meet the requirements of industrial companies that want a complete MRP/ERP solution. Designed to integrate with any financial backend, Fortee automates all the core business processes common to discrete manufacturing environments out of the box, with configuration tools that will help you preserve competitively unique business processes.

Discover a modern and hassle-free approach 
to your digital transformation

Start-up companies require start-up technology to match. Small and growing companies should not take on the up-front costs or the technical burden of on-premise ERP solutions. With Fortee, you can begin your digital transformation with a modern, cloud-based SaaS product equipped with mobile apps. With the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting and platform tools, the security of a single-tenant architecture, and the flexibility of open APIs, Fortee delivers ROI early and often – not to mention a future-proof foundation for long-term growth and sustainability.