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Easy ERP to streamline your IT systems

The information technology sector relies on efficiency, innovation, and agility. Fortee recognises the unique demands of the IT industry and offers specialised ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems specifically designed for small IT businesses. Fortee’s goal is to equip your IT organisation with the tools necessary for success in a competitive landscape.

Information Technology Manufacturing ERP

Empowering IT manufacturers with an easy ERP

ERP programs are more than just software; they are the driving force behind your manufacturing business. For information technology businesses like you, the advantages are significant.


Improved project management

Efficiently plan and track IT projects, reducing delays and enhancing productivity. Foster collaboration among teams, ensuring that projects are delivered on time and within budget.

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Enhanced resource management

Optimise resource allocation, ensuring that your personnel and assets are utilised effectively. Manage and track costs associated with IT projects for better budget control and a more efficient business.

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Data-driven business insights

Access real-time data and analytics for informed decision-making. Monitor your key performance indicators to continually refine your IT operations.

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Comprehensive client management

Manage your client relationships effectively, from initial contact to project delivery. Provide clients with timely updates and transparent communication, fostering trust and loyalty.

What does Fortee ERP offer to small IT businesses?

Unified dashboards

User-friendly dashboards offer a comprehensive view of your IT operations, from project status to resource allocation, ensuring you have a clear understanding of every aspect of your business.

Integrated systems

Synchronise all elements of your IT business, including project management, client relationships, inventory, and financial operations, in one cohesive platform.

Data protection

Data security, a critical concern in the IT industry, is also a top priority for Fortee. Fortee ERP safeguards your business information with advanced encryption and regular backups, ensuring that your data is always secure.

comprehensive erp solution for small businesses

Your business, powered by Fortee's ERP

Fortee's easy ERP elevates businesses in the IT industry, aiding in:

Navigating industry complexities

The IT sector is characterised by rapid technological advancements, a high degree of project complexity, and the need for seamless collaboration and communication. Fortee’s ERP tools are crafted to address these specific challenges, ensuring that your small IT businesses can thrive in an industry dominated by larger players.

Streamlining IT operations

From project management to client relationships, Fortee’s ERP solutions simplify intricate IT processes. It integrates various functions into one unified system, enabling your small IT business to operate more cohesively and effectively. 

Enhancing client engagement

In the IT industry, customer satisfaction and retention are paramount. Fortee’s ERP program aids your IT company in delivering top-notch services, with improved project delivery times and enhanced service quality.

Embracing technological change

As you know, the IT sector is ever-changing. Fortee's ERP system is designed to be flexible and adaptable, meeting new challenges and capitalising on emerging opportunities as they arise. 

Information Technology Manufacturing ERP

The Fortee ERP difference

Fortee recognises that small IT businesses just like yours come with their own set of unique demands. Fortee’s ERP solutions are specifically crafted with this in mind - they're designed to be approachable, affordable, and notably impactful, catering especially to the smaller businesses within the IT sector. Fortee understands the challenges you face and have tailored solutions to help you overcome them, making sure that you can compete effectively in the ever-evolving IT landscape.

One of the standout features of Fortee's ERP is its ease and speed of implementation. Putting a strong emphasis on user-friendliness, ensuring that this ERP system can be integrated into your business swiftly and seamlessly. This approach minimises any potential disruption to your day-to-day IT operations and facilitates quick adaptation by your team.

Beyond just providing you with an ERP system, Fortee is committed to offering ongoing support and training. Fortee understands that to truly benefit from an ERP system, you and your team need to know how to use it effectively. That's why Fortee provides continuous resources for support and training, enabling your team to fully leverage the capabilities of our ERP system, known as ForteeCare. This commitment to support is a testament to Fortee’s dedication to your long-term success.

When it comes to cost, Fortee’s ERP tool stands out for being particularly cost-effective. Offer competitive pricing that ensures a high return on investment, making Fortee's ERP program an ideal choice for small IT businesses looking to optimise their operations without incurring excessive costs.

Discover the magic of Fortee 

If you're a small manufacturer looking for your first ERP, why not give Fortee a try? You could be up and running in just 40 days.