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Fortee is a cloud-based SaaS ERP product from Forterro, a provider of software solutions to more than 10,000 small and midsized industrial companies in Europe.

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Fortee’s zero-commitment fee is designed for start-ups, allowing them to learn how use the system and implement the core functionality using their real production data in 40 days or less, via a series of on-demand courses and live workshops. This agile implementation methodology delivers an instant ERP, and lasting technology that will drive growth and operational efficiency for years to come. Fortee ERP delivers desktop and mobile production functionality out of the box, complemented by open APIs that facilitate interoperability with outside machines, suppliers, customers, and applications - as well as configuration tools that allow the system to sustain competitively unique business processes.

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Since it was founded in 2012, Forterro has grown to employ more than 1,200 employees who work from over 40 office locations around the world to support specialised software solutions and more than 10,000 small and midsize manufacturers. Headquartered in London, Forterro is a category leader in one of the largest and most steadily growing markets in software, with strongholds in each of the Europe’s top production economies, as well as regional service hubs and development centres around the world. Forterro is home to a diverse range of local and vertical industry software solutions - each one uniquely developed by the midmarket, for the midmarket.