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Hear why Xtreme Motorsports said goodbye to excel spreadsheets and hello to simple automation.
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We're committed to providing ERP solutions to manufacturers across a range of sectors. Our goal? To give smaller industrial businesses a digital platform that’s affordable, easy to use and easy to scale

Sparking success for electric vehicle charging

Discover how Fortee is providing Versinetic the tools to grow their operation with ease.
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"Fortee allows us to manage orders, purchases, and monitor production. Its interface with our CAD tool helps us avoid duplicate data entry and the risk of error. We now have more precise knowledge of our production costs."

Wittmann Battenfeld
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"Fortee is an open, customisable tool that fits perfectly with our organisation. Its use at Sermatec is not fixed; we discover new functionalities and possibilities…every day!"


"The real revolution for us was the implementation of dashboards. They are a real basis for control. Each manager has a 'to do list' on a personalised homepage, with a button that [validates the] completion of a step in a simple way."


"Two people were working full-time to enter information, now these two people are now in production scheduling. [Another] benefit is improved traceability. Manuplast is subject to compliance with multiple quality standards. It's now possible to trace the entire history of the finished product, which is an enormous gain in quality."