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Grow your manufacturing business with Fortee ERP

In the dynamic world of manufacturing, where precision and efficiency are essential, Fortee stands out. We understand the unique hurdles small manufacturers face. Our ERP solutions are tailor-made to simplify your operations, boost productivity, and fuel growth.

ERP Manufacturing Software

Empowering small manufacturers with an easy ERP

ERP programs are more than just software; they are the driving force behind your manufacturing business. For small businesses like yours, the advantages are significant.

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Unified operations

Ensure a cohesive workflow; Fortee's ERP integrates every aspect of your manufacturing process, from supply chain to production planning. 

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Increased efficiency

Automate routine tasks, minimise errors, and get real-time data. Ultimately, it saves your business money and time.

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Cost savings

Enhanced resource management and operational efficiency will lead to noticeable cost reductions, which is crucial for small-scale manufacturers. 

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Customer satisfaction

Better process and inventory management mean a quicker turnaround and improved product quality - resulting in more satisfied customers.

ERP Manufacturing Software

The Fortee difference

Fortee's easy ERP solutions are designed to meet the diverse requirements of your manufacturing business. Offering the flexibility and scalability crucial for every stage of growth.

At the heart of Fortee’s offerings is ForteeCare, ensuring expert support is always available and maximising your ERP tool's potential.

Fortee also excels in affordability, with a competitive pricing model starting at just £100 per user per month, making it a cost-effective option for small manufacturers like you.

Fortee’s ERP tool stands out for its intuitive design and easy to use functionality, avoiding unnecessary complexities. It's precisely what your business needs for efficient and swift operation management. Fortee commits to delivering a user-friendly and effective ERP experience, targeting the specific challenges small manufacturers face. Plus, the tool is quick to implement, being ready for action in your business in just 40 days.

Your business, powered by Fortee's ERP

Fortee's easy ERP is integral to your small manufacturing business, aiding in:
✅ Inventory Management

Real-time tracking of materials and products.

Production Planning

Efficiently managed activities to reduce lead times and optimise resources.

Quality Management

Maintain consistent product quality with integrated processes.

Supply Chain Management

Effective handling from procurement to delivery.

Financial Management

Gain insights into your financial health for better fiscal management.

Workforce Management

Efficient human resource management with integrated HR and payroll systems.

Research and Development

Support for R&D through valuable data insights.

Marketing Teams

Access to comprehensive customer and sales data for targeted campaigns.


Enhanced processes for optimal material acquisition.

Seamless integration and security

Fortee's ERP integrates smoothly with existing business systems, ensuring easy transition and minimal operational disruption. It offers customisation to fit your unique manufacturing needs.

Data security is a priority, with robust features and compliance with industry standards. Fortee's ERP also provides specialised modules for various manufacturing sectors, ensuring industry-specific tools are available.


Future-proofing with Fortee's ERP

Fortee's ERP adapts as your business evolves, providing the necessary tools for managing growing operations. Staying abreast of technological advancements, this ERP incorporates the latest trends and innovations.

Fortee's ERP is more than a software solution; it's a strategic partner for small manufacturers aiming to optimise operations, scale efficiently, and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry. With tailored features and a focus on practicality and simplicity, Fortee's ERP is the ideal choice for businesses seeking sustained growth and success.

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Discover the magic of Fortee 

If you're a small manufacturer looking for your first ERP, why not give Fortee a try? You could be up and running in just 40 days.