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Ideal for office workers whose activities are heavily dependent on your business data.

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How much does ERP cost?

ERP costs can be influenced by several factors, including the number of users, the level of customisation required, and whether the system is hosted on-premises or cloud-based. The average budget for an ERP solution is £8,500 per user, however, these systems are complex and designed for large enterprises. On a study of 18 ERP systems, the "systems reviewed cost up to around £39,000, required training costing up to £46,000, and annual maintenance of over £11,000". 

Fortee's small business ERP solution allows for simple integrations, boosted efficiencies and live data all from just £100/month/user.

Understanding ERP pricing

Depending on the type of ERP tool your business is looking for will be a factor on the pricing structure. Perpetual licensing involves a one-time fee and is common for on-premises systems. Subscription-based models, often used for cloud-based ERPs, involve regular payments (monthly or annually). 

Cloud-hosted ERPs can offer scalability and lower upfront costs but may have higher long-term costs.

Small businesses have less processes, people and integrations to factor in, which is why a simple out the box ERP solution usually works best.

Fortee Care

What is ForteeCare?

ForteeCare is included in all of our small business ERP subscriptions. ForteeCare is ongoing access to our customer care team. Their goal is to ensure that you are continuously deriving value from your system implementation.

  • Online ticket management
  • 24/7 access to online documentation
  • 24/7 access to incident management system (JIRA Service Desk)
  • Free educational webinars
  • Product news & updates