ERP software for the
fabrication sector

Revolutionise your fabrication workflow with easy-to-use automation

In the fabrication industry, precision and efficiency are key. You need a system which can direct and optimise your business to its full potential. Fortee was designed to meet the specific challenges faced by small fabrication businesses. 

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Empowering small fabrication businesses with easy ERP

ERP programs in the fabrication industry are more than mere software; they are the lifeline of a growing business. For small-scale fabricators, the benefits of Fortee are substantial:

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Integrated workflows

Fortee's easy ERP harmonises every aspect of your fabrication process, from material sourcing to final product assembly, ensuring seamless operations.

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Boosted efficiency

By automating routine tasks, minimising errors, and providing real-time data, your business becomes more efficient, saving both time and money.

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Cost reduction

Improved resource management and streamlined operations lead to significant cost savings, a crucial factor for smaller fabricators.

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Customer satisfaction

Enhance your processes and inventory control for faster turnaround and superior product quality, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

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The Fortee advantage in 
fabrication manufacturing

At Fortee, we understand that every fabrication business is unique. That's why we've tailored our ERP solutions to fit the diverse needs of your industry, ensuring they grow right alongside your business, no matter the stage. We're here for you every step of the way with our dedicated support team, ready to lend a hand and help you get the most out of your ERP tool.

And the best part? Our prices are budget-friendly, starting at just £100 per user per month, making Fortee's easy ERP a smart choice for small fabricators who value quality and affordability. 

We've designed our solution to be user-friendly yet packed with powerful features, stripping away unnecessary complications for smooth, efficient management. Plus, you won't have to wait long to see the difference it makes – get up and running with Fortee's ERP in just 40 days and watch how quickly it integrates into the fabric of your business.

Your fabrication business, powered by an easy ERP

Fortee's easy ERP is integral to your small fabrication business, aiding in:
✅ Inventory Management

Keep track of materials and products with real-time monitoring.

✅ Production Planning

Manage activities efficiently, optimising resources and reducing lead times.

✅ Quality Management

Uphold consistent product quality through integrated processes.

✅ Supply Chain Management

Streamline procurement and delivery operations.

✅ Financial Management

Obtain a clear view of your fiscal status for better financial planning.

✅ Human Resource

Manage your workforce effectively with integrated HR and payroll systems.

✅ Research and Development

Support your R&D efforts with valuable 
real-time data insights.

✅ Marketing Teams

Utilise comprehensive customer and sales data
for targeted marketing campaigns.

✅ Procurement

Optimise material acquisition processes 
for procurement efficiency. 


Future-proofing your operation 

As your fabrication business grows, Fortee's ERP adapts, providing advanced tools for managing an expanding operation. Constantly incorporating the latest technological trends and innovations, our easy ERP is not just a solution but a strategic partner for small fabricators looking to optimise operations, scale effectively, and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving industry.

Discover the transformative impact of Fortee's ERP on your small fabrication business, and step into a future of streamlined efficiency, innovation, and sustained growth.

Discover the magic of Fortee 

If you're a small manufacturer looking for your first ERP, why not give Fortee a try? You could be up and running in just 40 days.