ERP in your industry

Meeting the needs of your business

Our simple ERP is designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries, without the hassle. Our out-the-box ERP solution makes onboarding super quick and using our software easy. Empower your business by streamlining operations, enhancing productivity, and driving growth.

Manufacturing ERP for your sector

ERP solutions for your industry

Aimed at all facets of the manufacturing industry, our comprehensive solution provides tailored functionalities and industry-specific modules to address unique challenges and maximise efficiency.

Explore the manufacturing sectors we serve and how our simple ERP can revolutionise your business:

ERP Manufacturing Software

We understand the unique hurdles small manufacturers face. Our ERP solutions are tailor-made to simplify your operations, boost productivity, and fuel growth.

ERP for transport industry

Fortee specialises in providing basic yet powerful ERP tool designed specifically for your small transport business. 

Information Technology Manufacturing ERP
Information Technology

Fortee’s goal is to equip your small IT organisation with the ERP tools necessary for success in a competitive landscape.

electronic sector for small businesses

Custom-built for the electronics manufacturing industry, our systems streamline your daily operations, boost productivity, and set the stage for exponential growth.

worker in the fabrication sector

Fortee’s easy ERP was designed to meet the specific challenges faced by small fabrication businesses. 

machinery sector

Understanding the complexities and unique demands of the machinery sector, and that is why we have engineered an ERP solution that's easy to use, quick to onboard and perfect as your first ERP system.