A start-up process designed for start-ups and customer care for life

For a price lower than one day of consulting time, you can spend 40 days with us, learning how to use Fortee via a series of on-demand courses and live workshops. Even if you walk away with the knowledge that Fortee isn’t right for you, you’ve learned several priceless lessons that you can take to your next project—including a much clearer view on your key requirements. Whilst the cost, risk, and obligation of Fortee ERP is low, and the upside potential is infinite.

40Live implementation methodology

An agile, iterative approach to an ERP implementation breaks down your work into manageable chunks and allows for victories early and often. Critics of traditional education argue that many schools have it backwards—students should be listening to the lectures at home, and doing their homework in class, where they can get immediate feedback and answers to their questions. The spirit of the 40LiveTM Implementation Methodology is similar, in that you will take educational courses on your own time from ForteeU, and then discuss your in-system progress in frequent workshops with your solution consultant.



Hold a two-hour kickoff session with your Fortee consulting team, establishing the implementation project timeline, identifying available project resources,  explaining your core challenges, and agreeing to actionable project objectives.


Week one tasks

  • Receive and approve your personalized implementation project plan, designed to have your business live in 40 days.
  • Take your ForteeU introductory and system setup courses.
  • Meet with your solution consultant to define the scope of your project, and establish realistic goals.

Week two tasks

  • Take ForteeU courses on the core functions of the system.
  • Meet with your solution consultant to tackle mapping and importing your data.

Week three tasks

  • Take ForteeU courses on the extended and advanced functions of the system.
  • Meet with your solution consultant to discuss how you have configured and personalized the system.

Week four tasks

  • Invite lead system users to relevant educational courses at ForteeU.
  • Meet with your solution consultant to develop a plan for testing and rollout.

Week five tasks

  • Conduct testing and final system tweaks.
  • Meet with your solution consultant to develop a summary of goals reached, and view on next steps.


  • Go live with the system and celebrate!
  • Begin your experience with our extended customer care team.


As part of your subscription to Fortee ERP, you have ongoing access to our customer care team.
Their goal is to ensure that you are continuously deriving value from your system implementation.