Digital transformation for beginners

In the world of manufacturing, the buzz about digital transformation isn't just a passing trend – it's the key to unlocking a new era of efficiency and innovation. 

According to The Manufacturers Organisation's report, "Innovation Monitor: Bouncing Back Smarter", a whopping 80% of manufacturers plan to integrate digital technology into their businesses by 2025.

However, the report also sheds light on challenges. About 45% of manufacturers acknowledge the benefits of digitalisation but are hesitant to adopt it.

The primary roadblocks? A shortage of digital skills, technical know-how, and not knowing where to get started.

Ongoing challenges in the supply chain and the ups and downs of the economy continue to highlight how important it is for manufacturers to build resilience for the future. Creating this resilience means everyone on the team, especially leadership, needs to be on board. It's about setting up clear processes and making sure everyone knows their role so that adapting becomes easier.

Plus, on top of all this, manufacturers are facing even more pressure to give customers great experiences and keep them coming back. B2B customers these days expect the same personal touch and unique service that they get from businesses aimed at consumers.

The question then becomes, where should manufacturers start? 

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