Revolutionising electric vehicle charging: Versinetic and Fortee

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Leaders in EV charging solutions 

Versinetic, a subsidiary of ByteSnap Design, is a leading provider of tailored software and hardware solutions for electric vehicle (EV) charger manufacturers. With a strong commitment to innovation and industry-leading standards, Versinetic has earned a reputation as a global leader in the EV charging market.

Before Fortee, manufacturing operations at Versinetic were controlled through manual processes, spreadsheets, and limited automation. While these methods sufficed when the company was small, the business knew it needed something bigger, better, and more scalable.

"Spreadsheets and Macros with limited automation was perfectly fine whilst the company was small but we needed an ERP to scale."

- Ritchie Perry, Production Engineer 

Fortee emerged as the perfect solution to support Versinetic's ambitions for growth.

Efficiency. Control. Growth.

Since implementing Fortee, Versinetic has witnessed a significant transformation in its manufacturing and engineering operations. Specifically, Fortee has greatly improved materials management, planning, and engineering data control.

These enhancements have ultimately transformed the efficiency and productivity of their processes.

"Fortee ERP is a nimble system so it could be used across a variety of business sectors but it seems to suit electronics as the complexity of data can be managed easily with the open/nimble approach."

- Ritchie Perry, Production Engineer

Fortee ERP is a flexible system that can be adapted to various business sectors. However, the system is particularly well-suited for electronics companies due to its ability to effectively manage complex data. It's open and nimble, allowing businesses like Versinetic to seamlessly handle their data and meet changing requirements.

What's next for Versinetic?

The future of Versinetic is an exciting one, with a strong emphasis on growth and further integration of Fortee into its operations. The company aims to maximise automation and eliminate manual intervention by integrating Fortee with other systems. 

The business has successfully addressed its operational challenges through the implementation of Fortee, and by transitioning from manual processes to a sophisticated system, has achieved remarkable improvements in materials management, planning, and engineering data control.

"Growth! and further implementation of Fortee to maximise automation and remove manual intervention."

- Ritchie Perry, Production Engineer

As they keep pushing forward, Versinetic is set to keep growing and revolutionising the industry. It's time to charge into the future!