Optimise sales with opportunity and quotation management

Master the art of deal-making with Fortee's ERP system, equipped with cutting-edge opportunity and quotation management tools. Our system enables you to track every sales opportunity, manage leads effectively, and transform prospects into paying customers.

Streamline your sales process by creating, sending, and tracking customised quotations directly within our easy ERP. This integrated approach ensures accuracy, reduces response times, and increases your chances of closing deals by maintaining a clear overview of potential revenues and client interactions.

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Tailor your sales with the advanced sales configurator

Unlock the potential of personalised selling with the Fortee ERP sales configurator. This powerful tool allows your sales teams to customise products and services to meet the unique needs of each customer.

The configurator simplifies complex product configurations, ensuring that all components and specifications are compatible and priced accurately. Enhance customer satisfaction and reduce errors with solutions that fit your clients' specifications perfectly, all while speeding up the quotation process and improving sales efficiency.

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Empowering small businesses with an easy ERP

ERP programs are more than just software; they are the driving force behind your manufacturing business. For information technology businesses like you, the advantages are significant.

Gain insights with the interactive sales dashboard

Empower your sales team with the insights they need to succeed through Fortee's dynamic Sales Dashboard. This comprehensive tool provides a real-time overview of sales activities, performance metrics, and key data points.

Track sales progress, monitor targets, and analyse trends to make data-driven decisions that propel your sales forward. The dashboard's intuitive interface allows you to customise views and reports, ensuring that relevant information is always at your fingertips, helping your team to stay proactive and goal-oriented.

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Streamline collections with automated customer payment reminders


Enhance your financial efficiency with Fortee's automated customer payment reminders. Our easy ERP system takes the hassle out of managing receivables by automating reminder notifications for upcoming and overdue payments.

This proactive approach ensures timely collections, improves cash flow, and reduces the administrative burden on your team. With customisable messaging and scheduling options, you can maintain polite and consistent communication with your customers, preserving strong customer relationships while ensuring financial diligence.

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