ERP for logistics

Pinpoint precision with stock by location

Harness the power of precision with Fortee's easy ERP system, which offers detailed stock management by location. Whether your inventory is spread across multiple locations or stored in different sections of a single facility, our system allows you to monitor stock levels accurately at each location. 

This granularity not only enhances inventory control but also optimises the replenishment process, ensuring that stock is always available where and when it's needed most. With Fortee's easy ERP, managing stock by location means improved efficiency, reduced carrying costs, and better service levels for your small business.

ERP for transport manufacturing industry

Comprehensive inventory management

Elevate your inventory oversight with Fortee's ERP system, designed to provide a comprehensive view of your entire stock. Our easy ERP is designed for small businesses looking to manage inventory efficiently. With the tools that track stock movements, assess turnover rates, and predict future demand based on historical data, Fortee's ERP is the perfect partner.

Our system facilitates a proactive approach to inventory management, minimising overstock and outages, while improving cash flow and responsiveness to market changes. With our ERP, you gain the insights needed to maintain optimal inventory levels and ensure that your supply chain operates seamlessly.


Empowering small businesses with an easy ERP

ERP programs are more than just software; they are the driving force behind your manufacturing business. For information technology businesses like you, the advantages are significant.

Streamlined management of deported stock

Optimise the management of inventory held off-site, whether at subcontractor locations, in transit, or with customers, all with Fortee's easy ERP system. This feature allows you to track and control stock outside your primary facilities, ensuring accurate inventory counts and improved coordination with third-party stakeholders.

By integrating deported stock management into your ERP tool, you can maintain visibility into every segment of your supply chain, enhance your response to supply chain dynamics, and ensure continuous alignment with production and sales strategies.

Discover the magic of Fortee 

If you're a small manufacturer looking for your first ERP, why not give Fortee a try? You could be up and running in just 40 days.