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Looking for an affordable, modern, out-of-the-box ERP system built for growing manufacturers? Say hello to Fortee👋

fortee cloud ERP

Fortee in 40 - simple features, powerful results

Discover the ERP solution built to simplify your production, procurement, supply chain and quality management processes.

Simple experience 
An intuitive user interface that's simple to learn and built to drive productivity across your operations.

Dynamic navigation
Flexible search throughout gets users exactly where they need to be, with the right information, quickly and efficiently.

Personalised features
Get straight to work and focus on the most critical tasks thanks to customised dashboards and actionable to-do lists.

See Fortee in action

In just 40 days, you could be live with the essential ERP features you need.

Built for growing businesses

With comprehensive manufacturing functionality at its core, Fortee allows your business to start streamlining complex supply chains without the complication, or the cost.

Fortee’s 40-day, zero-commitment, learn-as-you-go implementation process is designed to keep both cost and risk low – so you can focus on learning the system and deciding whether or not the time is right for your first ERP.

fortee cloud ERP
Icône Calendrier - Clipper ERP


Streamline job planning, optimise workload plans and simplify subcontracting.

Pilotage optimisé de l’entreprise


Optimise supplier management, bid processes, MRP tracking and delivery management.

Icône Localisation - Clipper ERP

Supply chain

Manage stock by location, easily track inventory and handle deported stock.

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Track serial numbers and streamline corrective actions for enhanced quality control.

What manufacturers say about Fortee

"Our system allows us to manage orders, purchases, and monitor production. Its interface with our CAD tool helps us avoid duplicate data entry and the risk of error. We also have more precise knowledge of our production costs. As the bills of material are recorded in the system, they can be reused identically or modified, which allows us to achieve a certain degree of standardisation."

Wittmann Battenfeld
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"This ERP system is an open, customisable tool that fits perfectly with our organisation. Its use at Sermatec is not fixed; we discover new functionalities and possibilities… every day"


"The benefits of the tool were quickly apparent. We had far fewer errors between input and production, which saved us time. Communication between employees also improved. However, the real revolution for us was the implementation of dashboards. They are a real basis for control. Each manager has a 'to do list' on a personalised homepage, with a button that [validates the] completion of a step in a simple way."

Sodistra quote

"Before the tool was deployed, two people were working full-time to enter information. These two people [are now working in] value-added positions in production scheduling. [Another] benefit is improved traceability. Manuplast is subject to compliance with multiple quality standards. It is now possible to trace the entire history of the finished product, which is an enormous gain in quality."

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Discover the power of Fortee

If you're a small manufacturer or start-up looking for your first ERP, it's time to give Fortee a try. Its features are fast, powerful and agile - and you could be up and running in just 40 days!

fortee cloud ERP