Project management with ERP

Streamlined project reporting

Financial reporting is a critical aspect of any project, and Fortee's ERP tool offers a seamless solution. With integrated financial tools, you can easily track project costs, budgets, and expenditures.

Fortee provides real-time insights into project finances, allowing you to generate detailed reports for stakeholders and maintain financial transparency. This helps you stay on top of your project's budget, identify cost overruns early, and make informed decisions to keep your project on track. The system's flexibility allows you to customise financial reports to meet your specific business needs, ensuring accurate and relevant financial data.

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Comprehensive progress reporting

Keeping track of project progress can be challenging without a reliable system. Fortee's easy ERP provides a comprehensive platform for progress reporting, enabling you to monitor every stage of your projects. You can set milestones, track tasks, and assess project completion rates with ease. 

Our simple ERP tool allows you to create custom dashboards to visualise project timelines, giving you a clear view of your progress. With automated alerts for key deadlines and potential delays, you can address issues promptly and ensure that your projects stay on schedule. This enhanced visibility contributes to greater project accountability and success.

Efficient management of mother/daughter projects

Managing complex projects with multiple sub-projects (mother/daughter projects) requires a high level of organisation. Fortee's easy ERP system is designed to simplify this process by allowing you to manage main projects and their associated sub-projects within a single platform.

You can create hierarchical project structures, assign tasks to different teams, and track the progress of each sub-project individually. This feature helps you ensure that all parts of the project are aligned and progressing as planned. With clear visibility into the relationships between mother and daughter projects, you can make adjustments as needed to maintain project coherence and efficiency.

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Empowering small businesses with an easy ERP

ERP programs are more than just software; they are the driving force behind your manufacturing business. For information technology businesses like you, the advantages are significant.

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