Improved traceability with ERP

Reliable serial and batch number tracking

Ensuring quality and traceability is crucial in any manufacturing process. Fortee's easy ERP system provides robust serial and batch number tracking, allowing you to monitor products from raw materials to final distribution. This feature enables you to trace specific items through their lifecycle, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

By maintaining a detailed record of serial and batch numbers, you can quickly identify and address quality issues, recall specific products if needed, and maintain a comprehensive audit trail. This level of traceability not only enhances quality assurance but also builds customer trust.

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Comprehensive management non-compliance sheets

Handling non-conformance and non-compliance effectively is key to maintaining product quality. Fortee's easy ERP tool streamlines this process with comprehensive management of non-conformance/non-compliance sheets. You can easily record and track instances of non-compliance, assign corrective actions, and monitor progress toward resolution.

The system's automated workflows ensure that non-conformance issues are addressed promptly, reducing the risk of further complications. With detailed reporting features, you can analyse patterns of non-conformance, helping you identify underlying causes and implement preventive measures to improve overall quality.

Empowering small businesses with an easy ERP

ERP programs are more than just software; they are the driving force behind your manufacturing business. For information technology businesses like you, the advantages are significant.

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Effective corrective and preventive action plans

Addressing quality issues requires a proactive approach. Fortee's easy ERP program supports the creation and execution of effective corrective and preventive action (CAPA) plans. By integrating CAPA into the ERP tool, you can systematically manage quality-related issues, from identification to resolution. 

The system allows your small business to assign tasks, set deadlines, and monitor the implementation of corrective actions. This structured approach ensures that issues are resolved efficiently and that preventive measures are put in place to avoid recurrence. Fortee's simple ERP empowers you to maintain a high standard of quality while demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement.

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