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On the fast track to success with Fortee

Xtreme Motorsports, masters in high-octane GTR R35 clutches, implemented Fortee to modernise their manufacturing operations. The result? A transformation from disorder to full control.

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Turning paper and spreadsheet chaos into clarity and control.
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Replacing guesswork and intuition with accurate insights.
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From knee-jerk reactions to informed strategic actions.
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Saying goodbye to 
setbacks & spreadsheets 

Xtreme Motorsports, a British manufacturing company specialising in Nissan GTR-R35 clutch upgrades, faced the complex task of managing intricate production cycles. Their reliance on traditional tools such as spreadsheets and extensive paperwork resulted in a chain of operational headaches and a lot of last-minute scrambles. That's until Fortee came into the picture, shifting gears towards a more streamlined process.

“I wasn’t interested in going elsewhere. I was familiar with MRP generally and I just enjoyed using Fortee. It was satisfying to be in control of everything – overseeing costings, routings, the bill of materials and the structures. It gave a sense of being on top of things and knowing exactly where we were headed.”

Antony Allsop, Business Development Manager 

Putting precision 
into production 

The implementation of Fortee marked a transformative shift for Xtreme Motorsports. Antony Allsop, Head of Business Development discussed with us Fortee's invaluable role in managing their multiple stages of production, emphasising its impact on keeping the business profitable. 

"It's critical we produce the optimum batch size to protect our profitability. Fortee allows us to do that."

Fortee's ability to handle optimum batch sizes and streamline complex manufacturing stages, such as in CNC machining, drastically reduced time and resource wastage for the business. This shift from smaller, inefficient batches to larger and more cost-effective ones have been a game changer for staying competitive. 

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Driving planning and 
inventory control 

Stock management and planning were major pain points for Xtreme Motorsports, often leading to a reactive and disorganised approach. The implementation of Fortee introduced about a proactive strategy, enhancing control over inventory and stock levels. 

"Because of Fortee there's been less panic and knee-jerk reactions."

This new system reduced the instances of running out of key items, which had previously led to lost orders and customer retention. The comprehensive nature of Fortee in managing everything from costings to bill of materials gives a sense of complete control and clear direction to the business.

"The implementation of Fortee wouldn't have been as successful had it not been for Benoit’s support and patience."

Antony Allsop, Business Development Manager 

Future-proofing with Fortee

Looking to the future, Fortee's scalability is set firmly to align with Xtreme Motorsport's growth plans, especially as the company embarks on new and ambitious projects. The system has not only streamlined existing operations but also positioned the business for significant expansion and diversification in the next few years. The collaboration between Xtreme Motorsports and Fortee showcases the transformative impact of effective operational management systems in manufacturing, setting a benchmark for efficiency, control, and strategic growth.